Rakhi Sawant’s Hospitalization Sparks Concern and Controversy

Recent viral images of Rakhi Sawant from a hospital in Mumbai have stirred a mix of shock and confusion among fans and the public alike. While some expressed genuine concern for her health, others speculated that it might be another one of her dramatic stunts. However, Nakshatra Multispeciality Hospital in Mumbai has finally put an end to the speculation by confirming that the actress is indeed admitted there.

Confirmation of Surgery for Rakhi Sawant

Hospital authorities have confirmed late on Friday night that Rakhi Sawant is currently undergoing treatment at their facility and is scheduled to undergo surgery on Saturday afternoon. Speaking to Times Now, the authorities revealed, “Rakhi is undergoing a surgery on Saturday. She is getting operated. The actress is being overlooked by a gynaecologist.”

However, the hospital refrained from disclosing any specific details regarding the nature of Rakhi’s condition. When asked about reports of a tumor in her uterus, they stated, “Please contact her family or friends to get the reports amid further health updates.”

Concerns Over Rakhi Sawant’s Health

The sequence of events leading to Rakhi Sawant’s hospitalization began with the circulation of her photos from the hospital on social media platforms. Subsequently, Ritesh Raj Singh, Rakhi’s ex-husband, revealed to News18 Showsha that doctors had discovered a tumor in her uterus after conducting several tests. There are concerns that Rakhi might be battling cancer, as per Ritesh’s statements.

“She was admitted to the hospital last night after she complained of chest pain. Doctors are looking after her. They have discovered a tumour in her uterus. She had pain in her stomach too. Doctors have suspected that it might be cancer. Tests are being done. Doctors have proposed a surgery but they want to check first if it is cancer or not,” Ritesh shared.

Rakhi Sawant’s Personal Appeal and Update

In a video statement released on Friday night, Rakhi Sawant herself provided an update on her health condition. Appearing visibly unwell on a hospital bed, the former Bigg Boss contestant urged her followers to pray for her well-being. “Ae mere dosto. Miss kar rahi hu bahar jaana, ghoomna firna. Hospital mein hu main, subah surgery hai meri. Bohot miss kar rahi hu main. Ye kaisi dress pehen rakhi hai maine? Mujhe poore kapde pehen ne ki aadat nahi hai. Aap samajh rahe ho na? Mujhe achcha nahi lagta ye hospital ka dress. Mujhe jaldi theek hoke aana hai, bohot saari masti karna hai mujhe,” she expressed.

Allegations of Drama Surrounding Rakhi Sawant’s Hospitalization

Amidst the concern and well-wishes pouring in for Rakhi Sawant, her former husband Adil Khan Durrani has raised doubts about the authenticity of her hospitalization. He claims that Rakhi’s current situation is nothing more than a ploy to evade legal troubles related to a leaked video case. Durrani alleges, “Doctors haven’t said anything. We don’t know which hospital she is in. If it is a heart attack, I think patients generally need oxygen masks but she (Rakhi Sawant) does not have that too. She is doing this only because she has to surrender to cops soon. This is only a drama to escape going to jail.”

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