Apple iPhone 16 Displays May Enter Production Next Month: Report

Production for Apple iPhone 16 series begins, sparking anticipation and speculation among tech enthusiasts.

Tech enthusiasts and Apple fans around the world are eagerly awaiting the next big release from the tech giant, and the latest news surrounding the production of the Apple iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro series is only adding fuel to the fire. According to reports from renowned tech outlet MacRumors, the displays for these highly anticipated models are scheduled to enter production next month. While Apple has remained tight-lipped about these developments, industry analysts are already abuzz with speculation and predictions about what the new series of iPhones might bring to the table.

The timeline for the production of the iPhone 16 displays was first reported by MacRumors, citing a subscriber-exclusive post on X by display analyst Ross Young. Although these reports are yet to be officially confirmed by Apple, the track record of MacRumors and the credibility of analysts like Ross Young lend weight to the rumors swirling around the tech sphere.

One of the key talking points among analysts and enthusiasts is the expected lineup of models in the iPhone 16 series. Alongside the standard iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus, the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max are among the models predicted to make an appearance. Notably, expectations suggest that the Pro models will see a slight increase in size compared to their predecessors. The iPhone 16 Pro is anticipated to feature a 6.3-inch display, while the iPhone 16 Pro Max could boast a generous 6.9-inch screen, according to insights from MacRumors.

Traditionally, Apple’s highly anticipated iPhone launch events are held in the autumn, which further fuels speculation about the timing of the release of the iPhone 16 series. With production of the displays reportedly underway, excitement is mounting as consumers eagerly await official announcements from Apple.

Meanwhile, in a separate but equally significant development, Apple made waves recently with the unveiling of its latest iPad Pro tablet during an event on May 7. Touted as the thinnest iPad Pro yet, the device boasts impressive features powered by Apple’s latest M4 chip. However, amidst the buzz surrounding the new iPad Pro, the company found itself embroiled in controversy following an ill-received promotional ad.

Apple CEO Tim Cook faced criticism after posting an ad that depicted musical instruments and art supplies being crushed, seemingly to promote the thinness of the new iPad Pro. The ad drew considerable flak from consumers and industry observers alike, with many condemning it as insensitive and tone-deaf. While Apple has a history of innovative marketing campaigns, this particular approach missed the mark and sparked backlash, overshadowing the excitement surrounding the new product announcement.

As the tech world eagerly awaits further developments from Apple, including the highly anticipated iPhone 16 series, all eyes remain on the Cupertino-based company for its next move. With production of the iPhone 16 displays underway, and speculation rife about the features and lineup of the upcoming models, the stage is set for another groundbreaking release from one of the world’s most iconic tech companies.

Aryan Jakhar
Aryan Jakhar
Aryan Jakhar, an Indian journalist, founded Business Headline and The Shining Media Group. Previously, he contributed to Indian media outlets including BusinessUpturn, Inc42, and the India Today Group.

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