Zomato Introduces Healthier Ordering Feature Following Profitable Quarter

Zomato, the renowned foodtech giant, has once again made waves in the industry by introducing a new feature aimed at promoting healthier eating habits among its users. Just days after expanding its priority delivery services to major Indian cities, including Delhi, Hyderabad, and Pune, the company has now rolled out a feature that nudges users towards making healthier choices while ordering.

Founder and CEO of Zomato, Deepinder Goyal, announced the new feature via a post on the platform. The feature aims to assist users in opting for healthier alternatives without compromising on taste or satisfaction. Goyal stated, “We just launched a new feature on Zomato – gently helping our customers to make healthier choices. To begin with, we have started suggesting roti as an alternative to a naan.”

The response to this initiative has been overwhelmingly positive, with a 7% attach rate for the suggested healthier options. Zomato plans to expand this feature to encompass various dishes and categories. For example, users craving desserts may soon be presented with lower-calorie options when adding them to their cart.

This move aligns with Zomato’s commitment to promoting healthier lifestyles among its vast user base. The company aims to leverage its platform to not only offer convenient food delivery services but also to encourage more mindful eating habits.

In addition to this initiative, Zomato recently reported its fourth consecutive profitable quarter, marking a significant milestone for the company. In the quarter ended March 31 of the financial year 2023-24 (FY24), Zomato’s consolidated profit after tax surged by 26.8% to INR 175 Cr, compared to INR 138 Cr in the preceding quarter. Operating revenue also witnessed a substantial increase of over 8% to INR 3,562 Cr during the same period.

Despite these impressive financial results, Zomato experienced a slight decline in the Gross Order Value (GOV) of its food delivery business on a quarter-on-quarter basis, dropping to INR 8,439 Cr from INR 8,486 Cr. However, the GOV exhibited a robust 28% year-on-year growth, indicating the continued expansion and resilience of Zomato’s delivery segment.

Moreover, Zomato’s recent decision to hike its platform fee to INR 5 per order from INR 4 earlier reflects the company’s strategy to enhance revenue streams while continuing to invest in innovative features and services for its users.

As Zomato continues to innovate and expand its offerings, the introduction of the healthier ordering feature underscores its commitment to promoting holistic well-being and catering to evolving consumer preferences in the food delivery landscape.

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