PM Modi is Set to Visit Bihar to Inaugurate Nalanda University New Campus A Day After Varanasi Visit

PM Modi visits Bihar, inaugurates new Nalanda University campus, emphasizing historic ties and international collaboration amid local political tensions.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Bihar on Wednesday marked the inauguration of the new campus of Nalanda University in Rajgir, underscoring its deep historical significance and international collaboration. The ceremony, attended by heads of missions from 17 countries, highlighted the university’s role as a joint initiative between India and East Asia Summit (EAS) nations.

Nalanda University, originally founded around 1600 years ago, stands as one of the world’s earliest residential universities. Its revival in the modern era aims to foster academic excellence and cultural exchange across borders. The new campus boasts extensive facilities including two academic blocks with 40 classrooms accommodating 1900 students, two auditoriums seating 300 each, and a hostel for 550 students. Additional amenities such as an International Centre, Amphitheatre, Faculty Club, and Sports Complex enhance its educational environment.

The presence of diplomats from 17 countries at the inauguration underscores Nalanda University’s role as a bridge for cultural and educational exchange among nations. This collaboration aligns with India’s commitment to strengthening ties with EAS countries through academic and intellectual partnerships.

However, PM Modi’s visit comes amidst local political tensions, notably sparked by remarks from JDU MP Devesh Thakur regarding voting patterns in his Sitamarhi constituency. Thakur’s statement, where he expressed disappointment over not receiving support from Yadavs and Muslims traditionally aligned with the RJD, a BJP partner in the NDA alliance, has stirred controversy. His remarks, captured in a viral video, emphasized a shift in focus away from these communities politically, despite assurances of respectful treatment on a personal level.

As PM Modi inaugurates the new Nalanda University campus, the event underscores Bihar’s cultural and academic heritage while emphasizing India’s diplomatic outreach through educational initiatives. The ceremony’s significance extends beyond national borders, fostering a spirit of global cooperation in education and cultural understanding. Meanwhile, local political dynamics highlight ongoing challenges and shifts in electoral alliances in the region.

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