Kanchanjunga Express Collides with Goods Train in West Bengal’s New Jalpaiguri, Several Injured

Efforts are underway to shift injured passengers to nearby hospitals, with officials overseeing operations following the tragic train collision.

In a devastating incident earlier today, the tranquil morning near New Jalpaiguri in north Bengal was shattered when the 13174 Kanchanjunga Express from Agartala collided with a goods train, resulting in significant injuries to several passengers on board. The collision occurred close to the Rangapani area, not far from New Jalpaiguri station, around 9 am local time.

According to initial reports from the Press Trust of India (PTI), the collision caused severe damage, with dramatic visuals emerging from the scene depicting a harrowing scene of one of the Kanchanjunga Express train compartments suspended almost vertically in the air. Rescue efforts were swiftly mobilized, with local media capturing the urgency of rescue workers and bystanders rallying around the affected area.

“There are unconfirmed reports of injury to a few persons in the accident,” cited the divisional railway manager of NFR’s Katihar Division, highlighting the immediate aftermath and the ongoing uncertainty regarding casualties. The gravity of the situation prompted an immediate response from authorities, including emergency medical personnel and disaster management teams.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee expressed shock and concern over the incident, taking to social media to convey her sentiments and assure the public of rapid action. “Shocked to learn, just now, about a tragic train accident, in Phansidewa area of Darjeeling district. While details are awaited, Kanchenjunga Express has reportedly been hit by a goods train,” she posted, signaling the state’s readiness to deploy all necessary resources for rescue and medical assistance.

As the news of the collision spread, anxious relatives and concerned citizens gathered near the accident site, awaiting updates from officials. The collision’s aftermath was chaotic yet organized, with authorities coordinating efforts to extricate passengers and assess the extent of injuries.

The sequence of events leading to the collision remains under investigation, with early inquiries focusing on operational lapses or mechanical failures that may have contributed to the tragic incident. Railway officials and safety experts have been called upon to conduct a thorough examination of the circumstances surrounding the collision to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

Eyewitness accounts described the moment of impact as sudden and jarring, with the sound of screeching metal and the shockwave reverberating through the carriages. Passengers who escaped injury recounted moments of chaos and confusion, followed by a collective effort to assist those in need and secure the accident site.

The Kanchanjunga Express, a lifeline for many commuters traveling across the region, is now at the center of a poignant tale of disaster and resilience. The collision has underscored the vulnerability of rail transport, prompting renewed calls for stringent safety measures and meticulous adherence to operational protocols.

In response to the incident, railway authorities have assured the public of a comprehensive review of safety standards and protocols, emphasizing the imperative of safeguarding passenger well-being. As recovery operations continue, the focus remains on providing medical care to the injured and offering support to those affected by the collision.

For the families of those involved, the day began with routine travel plans but quickly transformed into a nightmare of uncertainty and concern. The aftermath of the collision serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictable nature of accidents and the importance of preparedness in mitigating their impact.

As dusk settles over the accident site, rescue teams continue their tireless efforts, navigating the debris and wreckage to ensure no passenger is left behind. The community’s resilience shines through amidst the tragedy, with locals and volunteers extending a helping hand to support the response efforts.

In the coming days, the focus will shift towards understanding the root causes of the collision and implementing measures to prevent future incidents. The railway fraternity, along with the broader community, mourns the loss and stands united in solidarity with those affected by today’s grievous events near New Jalpaiguri.

As the sun sets on this fateful day, the scars of the collision near New Jalpaiguri serve as a somber reminder of the fragility of life and the imperative of unwavering vigilance in ensuring safe passage for all rail travelers.

Help Desk number at Sealdah in connection with Kanchanjunga train collision:-



Helpline No. GHY Station




Efforts are underway to shift the injured passengers to nearby hospitals, with senior officials rushing to the scene to oversee operations. Rescue teams are working tirelessly to ensure prompt medical assistance reaches those affected by the collision.

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