Badan to Farebi Yaar: Top 10 Sensual Ullu Web-Series To Keep You Up All Night

The top 10 most sensual web series from Ullu that are perfect for keeping you up all night.

Remember the first time you binge-watched Breaking Bad on Netflix and felt your mind reeling? There’s content that challenges, and then there’s content that taps into primal instincts.

Here’s a roundup of the top 10 most sensual web series from Ullu that are perfect for keeping you up all night:

Charmsukh Starring Jinnie Jaaz, Pihu Kanojiya, and Anmol Jain, this series spans 13 episodes of tantalizing drama.

Palang Tod Mahi Kaur, Tarakesh Chauhan, Noor Malabika, and Shivkant Lakhanpal navigate romantic entanglements in this provocative series.

Honey Trap Dive into mystical aspects of love with Hiral Radadiya, Ankush Kanyan, Imran Amir Shaikh, and Neha Gupta.

Lady Finger Aayushi Jaiswal, Mahi Kaur, Piyush Suhane, and Pallavi Debnath test marital fidelity in this daring series.

Walkman A journey unfolds when a young woman discovers a walkman, featuring Aayushi Jaiswal, Natasha Rajeshwari, Komal Sharma, and Kasim.

Ishqiyapa Ruks Khandagale, Amit Pachori, Shivangi Roy, and Mukund Kapahi explore a forbidden love story between teacher and student.

Teekhi Chutney Sharad Gore, Vandana Mittal, Noor Malabika, and Saurabh Rana embark on a road trip of self-discovery.

Badan Aayushi Jaiswal, Ashraf Ahmed, Vishesh Gupta, and Leena Singh star in this tale of romantic intrigue.

Secretary Payal Patil, Ali Shaikh, and Rohit Nigan unravel a fantasy tale of boss and secretary dynamics.

Farebi Yaar Bharti Jha, Jayshree Gaikwad, Suman Das, and Ashraf Saifee entangle in a scandalous narrative of love and betrayal.

These series from Kooku and Ullu promise to captivate with their bold narratives and steamy encounters, ensuring you won’t be hitting pause anytime soon.

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