Apple to Launch Six India-Specific Features Coming Soon to iPhone Users

Discover how iOS 18 transforms iPhone usage in India with new fonts, multilingual Siri, and enhanced language capabilities.

Apple’s iOS releases have always strived to improve the user experience worldwide, and with iOS 18, iPhone owners in India are in for a treat. Unveiled at WWDC 2024, iOS 18 has a set of features designed particularly for India’s complex language and cultural backdrop. From Indian language support to better Siri capabilities, here’s an in-depth look at how iOS 18 promises to improve the iPhone experience for Indian customers.

Indian numerals and customisable lock screens

One of the most notable improvements of iOS 18 for Indian users is the inclusion of Indian numbers on the lock screen and contact posters. Users may tailor their lock screens using digits that are recognisable to them, increasing visual and cultural aesthetics.

Alphabetical Keyboard Layouts

iOS 18 has alphabetical keyboard layouts for eleven Indian languages. This novel feature enables users to text directly in Indian scripts using dynamically shifting keys, ensuring ease of use and accuracy in languages such as Gujarati, Malayalam, and Punjabi.

Enhanced Language Search

Apple has considerably enhanced language search functionality in iOS 18, making it easier for users to identify terms using their chosen spelling conventions. This upgrade supports languages such as Bangla, Gujarati, and Devanagari, allowing for a wide range of linguistic subtleties.

Multilingual Siri

Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant, now supports nine Indian languages, in addition to Indian English. This multilingual functionality enables users to effortlessly combine English instructions with local languages such as Hindi, Tamil, and Kannada, extending Siri’s value to a larger populace in India.

Hindi Support in the Translate App

iOS 18 adds Hindi support to a variety of system-wide capabilities, including the Translate app and Safari sites. This connection improves communication and comprehension of material in Hindi, benefiting millions of Hindi-speaking users.

Trilingual Keyboard Experience

For iPhone 12 and subsequent devices, iOS 18 includes a trilingual keyboard experience. Messages, Notes, and other applications allow users to text phonetically in Latin characters for English and up to two more Indian languages, such as Hindi and Bengali.

User-Centric Design and Accessibility

Beyond linguistic improvements, iOS 18 prioritises user-centered design and accessibility. Customisable font colours and weights in contact posters, together with sensible keyboard layouts and Siri’s improved functionality, demonstrate Apple’s dedication to improving the whole iPhone experience for Indian consumers.

iOS 18 is a huge step forward in meeting the particular demands and preferences of iPhone customers in India. With its broad support for Indian languages, better Siri capabilities, and intuitive design elements, Apple continues to set the standard for user experience in the technology sector. Whether it’s typing in regional scripts, engaging with Siri in several languages, or seamlessly translating information, iOS 18 allows Indian people to utilise their iPhones in more meaningful and personalised ways than ever before.

As the formal release of iOS 18 approaches, the enhancements provided in this version establish a hopeful precedent for future developments that emphasise inclusion and usefulness across global markets.

Aryan Jakhar
Aryan Jakhar
Aryan Jakhar, an Indian journalist, founded Business Headline and The Shining Media Group. Previously, he contributed to Indian media outlets including BusinessUpturn, Inc42, and the India Today Group.

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