A Report on the Topics to be Covered in the Webinar


UAB “Orkela,” legal entity code 304099538, registered address at Jogailos St. 4, Vilnius, Republic of Lithuania (the Issuer), whose securities (the Bonds) are listed and admitted to trading on the Bond List of Nasdaq, also the Bonds are being publicly offered under the base prospectus approved by the Bank of Lithuania on 14 November 2023, as amended by first supplement dated 24 November 2024 (the Prospectus).

As stated in the Issuer’s public announcement of 15 May 2024, the Issuer is organising a webinar on 22 May 2024 at 10:00 a.m. (meeting link) to discuss the progress of the Issuer’s real estate development project. 

During the webinar, the Issuer will also discuss the circumstance that the premises of the building complex under development is intended to be designed not only for educational facility and offices, but also for an option for high-end hotel activities.

At the same time, the Issuer informs that, taking into account the results of the negotiations with a potential hotel operator, the Issuer acting in accordance with applicable laws will apply to the Bank of Lithuania for the approval of the second supplement to the Prospectus regarding the additional use of the building complex under development – hotel premises.

We kindly invite you to attend the webinar and ask the Issuer any questions you may have in relation to the project under development.

General Manager of UAB “Orkela”
Anastasija Pocienė



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