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White House Expresses Concern Over Alleged Voter Intimidation in Pakistan General Elections

White House expresses concern over alleged voter intimidation in Pakistan's general elections, while US lawmaker urges State Department action.

In the aftermath of Pakistan’s recent general elections, the White House has voiced apprehensions regarding reports of voter intimidation and suppression, stating that it is closely monitoring the situation. John Kirby, Coordinator for Strategic Communications at the National Security Council, addressed reporters during a news conference, expressing concern over the allegations of intimidation and voter suppression emerging from Pakistan.

“We’re concerned, and we share our concerns about some of the reports that we’ve heard coming out of Pakistan in terms of intimidation, voter suppression, that kind of thing. And so, we are watching this very, very closely,” Kirby conveyed.

Kirby emphasized that the international community, including the United States, is closely observing the ongoing vote-counting process, highlighting the importance of impartiality in assessing the election results. “As I understand it, votes are still being tallied, so international monitors are still taking a look at those tallies. I’m not getting ahead of that process,” Kirby clarified in response to inquiries.

Meanwhile, Indian American Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi, co-chair of the House China Committee, took to the floor of the House to express deep concern over the situation in Pakistan. Krishnamoorthi condemned the reported instances of vote-rigging and violence allegedly orchestrated by Pakistan’s military, stating that such actions undermine the credibility of the electoral process and threaten democratic principles.

“I am deeply disturbed by the numerous reports that Pakistan’s military is engaging in vote-rigging and violence to overturn the results of Thursday’s elections. These latest actions follow months of targeted suppression, politically motivated arrests, and brutal intimidation tactics,” Krishnamoorthi remarked.

Asserting the need for transparency and fairness in the electoral process, Krishnamoorthi stressed that the election outcomes should accurately reflect the will of the Pakistani people, free from external interference or coercion. He urged the State Department to withhold recognition of any election winner until thorough investigations are conducted into the alleged irregularities and violations.

“As we continue to monitor the results out of Pakistan, I urge the State Department to delay recognizing a winner until these allegations are fully reviewed,” Krishnamoorthi urged, underscoring the significance of upholding democratic norms and ensuring the integrity of the electoral process.

The statements from both the White House and Congressman Krishnamoorthi underscore growing international scrutiny and concern regarding the conduct of Pakistan’s general elections. As calls for transparency and accountability mount, the world watches closely, awaiting definitive actions to uphold democratic principles and protect the rights of voters in Pakistan.

Ella Thomas
Ella Thomas
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