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Russia, China Veto US Security Council Resolution On Gaza ‘Ceasefire’

Russia, China Veto US Security Council Resolution On Gaza ‘Ceasefire’

The United Nations Security Council remained deadlocked on the issue of the ongoing violence in Gaza after Russia and China vetoed a US-backed draft resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire. The move drew strong criticism from the United States, which accused both nations of prioritizing political agendas over the lives of innocent civilians.

The draft resolution, presented by the United States, called for an “imperative of an immediate and sustained ceasefire” between Israel and Hamas. It also condemned the October 7 attack by Hamas, which triggered the latest escalation in violence. However, the resolution faced opposition from Russia, which accused the US of hypocrisy.

“This resolution is a hypocritical spectacle,” declared Dmitry Polyanski, Russia’s Deputy Ambassador to the UN. “It places all the blame on one side while ignoring the legitimate security concerns of Israel provoked by Hamas’ blatant aggression.”

China echoed Russia’s sentiments. Zhang Jun, China’s Permanent Representative to the UN, stated, “The draft resolution presented by the US lacks balance and fails to address the root causes of the conflict. We urge all parties to exercise restraint and return to dialogue.”

The US Ambassador to the UN, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, expressed deep disappointment at the vetoes. “The United States stands firmly behind the need for an immediate ceasefire,” she stated. “The ongoing violence is claiming innocent lives on both sides, and the international community has a responsibility to act. The inaction of Russia and China is a travesty.”

The failed resolution highlights the persistent difficulty in achieving consensus within the Security Council on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The US, a close ally of Israel, often finds itself at odds with Russia and China, who have closer ties to the Palestinian leadership.

The vetoes come amidst escalating violence in Gaza. Since October 7th, over 100 Palestinians and 10 Israelis have been killed in clashes. The international community has been urging all sides to de-escalate and work towards a peaceful resolution.

The path forward remains uncertain. With the Security Council failing to act, the onus may now fall on regional powers and international diplomacy to find a solution that can bring an end to the bloodshed and pave the way for lasting peace in the region.


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