Home World Indian National Killed, Two Injured in Missile Attack on Israeli Border

Indian National Killed, Two Injured in Missile Attack on Israeli Border

Indian National Killed, Two Injured in Missile Attack on Israeli Border

An unfortunate incident unfolded on Monday near Israel’s northern border community of Margaliot, where an anti-tank missile fired from Lebanon claimed the life of an Indian national and left two others injured. The victims, all hailing from the southern state of Kerala, were struck while in an orchard, adding to the toll of casualties amid escalating tensions in the region.

The missile struck a plantation in Margaliot, a moshav nestled in the Galilee region, around 11 am on Monday, according to Zaki Heller, spokesperson for rescue services Magen David Adom (MDA). The deceased, Patnibin Maxwell from Kollam, Kerala, was identified at Ziv Hospital, while the injured, Bush Joseph George and Paul Melvin, were swiftly transported to hospitals for treatment.

George, who sustained injuries to his face and body, underwent surgery at Beilinson hospital in Petah Tikva and is reported to be recovering well. Meanwhile, Melvin, who sustained minor injuries, is currently hospitalized at Ziv Hospital in Safed.

The attack, suspected to have been carried out by the Shi’ite Hezbollah faction in Lebanon, comes amidst heightened tensions in the region, with Hezbollah launching a series of attacks on northern Israel in support of Hamas amid the ongoing conflict in the Gaza Strip.

Magen David Adom reported a total of seven foreign workers injured in the attack, two of whom sustained serious injuries and were airlifted to Beilinson, Rambam, and Ziv hospitals via Israeli Air Force helicopters.

In response to the attack, the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) retaliated by shelling the launch site with artillery fire. Additionally, IDF strikes targeted Hezbollah compounds in southern Lebanon, aiming to deter further aggression from the militant group.

The clashes between Israel and Hezbollah have resulted in casualties on both sides, with seven civilians and 10 IDF soldiers losing their lives since the onset of hostilities. Hezbollah claims to have lost 229 members during recent flare-ups, primarily in Lebanon and some in Syria, underscoring the toll of the ongoing conflict.

As tensions persist in the region, the international community closely monitors the situation, with hopes for a de-escalation of violence and a return to stability along the Israeli-Lebanese border.


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