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Invesco, Franklin added SVB pre-fallout

Months before the dramatic collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), the lender had received investments from asset managers including Invesco Ltd and Franklin Resources Inc. These firms were among the top investors in the bank, which also included Two Sigma Investments, DE Shaw & Co., Renaissance Technologies LLC, and BlackRock Inc. The data was compiled by Bloomberg from fourth-quarter and more recent regulatory filings and other fund documents.

The failure of SVB wiped 60% off its stock value in a single day, sending shockwaves across the tech and finance industries. Notably, Silicon Valley Bank’s technology startup clients and investors fled in droves, causing the bank’s collapse. Immediately after SVB, Signature bank and Silvergate also collapsed, leading to the second-biggest bank failure in US history.

The incident has raised concerns about the stability of the banking system and has prompted the government to take measures to protect client deposits. The swift collapse of SVB has also triggered a global market fear, with investors worried about the potential ripple effects on the tech industry and the broader economy.

The collapse of SVB has highlighted the risks associated with investing in the tech industry and has raised questions about the role of banks in funding startups. While Silicon Valley Bank was seen as a key player in the tech industry, the collapse of the bank has raised concerns about the concentration of risk in the sector and the potential for systemic failures.

Despite the concerns raised by the collapse of the bank, many investors remain bullish on the tech industry and see opportunities for growth and innovation. However, the incident has underscored the need for greater transparency and oversight in the banking sector to prevent similar collapses in the future.

In the wake of the collapse, regulators and investors alike are calling for greater scrutiny of banks and other financial institutions. The incident has highlighted the need for more robust risk management practices and greater transparency in the banking sector. Only time will tell if these measures will be enough to prevent future collapses and protect the stability of the financial system.

Priyanshi Mishra
Priyanshi Mishra
Priyanshi Mishra is a student of MA in Economics at the University of Lucknow. She has strong communication and content-writing skills.
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