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Don’t use ChatGPT to apply for our jobs, Monzo warns candidates

Monzo has cautioned job applicants not to use ChatGPT when applying for positions at the challenger bank, amid growing concerns that the software might lead to widespread deception.

In the latest hint of worry over the writing tool, the fintech business informed potential workers that if they used the AI chatbot to fill out their job applications, they would be rejected.

Monzo has added an unusual disclaimer to its job advertisements in recent weeks which says: “You should submit your own application without help from other sources e.g Others/ChatGPT any applications whereby external support has been provided will be disqualified.”

According to a Monzo source, the notice was included as a preventative measure rather than in reaction to a spike in applicants using ChatGPT to cheat on applications.

According to a poll performed earlier this year by the US-based recruiting website Resume Builder, over half of respondents had used ChatGPT to help them construct their CVs and cover letters, with 70% of those who used the service reporting a greater response rate from employers.

The warning from Monzo highlights growing concerns about ChatGPT, which an increasing number of City of London businesses have forbidden due to worries that use of the application at work may expose sensitive data.

JP Morgan and legal firm Mishcon de Reya have prohibited their workers from using the programme, while consulting giant Accenture has also cautioned employees against providing client information to ChatGPT’s products.

Universities and colleges have also imposed restrictions on the programme, citing worries that pupils may use it to create essays for them.

The programme was launched in November by the Silicon Valley firm OpenAI.

Anyone who registers for an account may put inquiries into the software, such as requests for essays on any topic or answers to application questions, and the chatbot’s algorithms will respond.

There are also issues about the veracity of such technologies. While the bots have been designed to create human-like phrases, they sometimes fail to distinguish between truth and lies.

They may also be persuaded to provide obviously insane replies, such as by threatening people testing the service or devising completely illogical responses.

Monzo did not respond.

Aryan Jakhar
Aryan Jakhar
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