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Microsoft working on Crypto Wallet for Edge, will help users store Coins, NFTs: Report

In order to allow users to store, send, and receive cryptocurrency assets as well as non-fungible tokens, Microsoft is creating a cryptocurrency wallet function for its Edge browser (NFTs). According to a report from Windows Central that mentions Microsoft’s internal testing, this new feature appears to be in the development phase.

The wallet feature, which will be non-custodial, will be incorporated into Edge’s already-existing wallet tool for holding credit and debit cards. Users can regain access if they forget their password because it is password-protected.

Following their registration, customers will have access to all of their assets, including their cryptocurrency funds, price trends, and the ability to transfer and receive cryptocurrency using established addresses and identities.

Microsoft also intends to make the Outlook email client MFA-capable in order to hasten the adoption of multi-factor authentication (MFA) for its 365 Cloud productivity platform. Users will be able to finish MFA requests for Office 365 apps directly in the Outlook app thanks to the new functionality dubbed Authenticator Lite. In order to increase the security of their Outlook logins for work or school, users can use Authenticator Lite.

Maggi, the well-known instant noodle brand owned by Nestle, revealed last week that it will introduce its first non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the OneRare Foodverse, a game that is built in the metaverse.

Note that NFTs and cryptocurrency items are both unregulated and potentially very dangerous. No regulatory redress may be available for any losses resulting from such transactions. Bitcoin is prone to market risks and is not recognized as legal tender. Before making any form of investment, readers are urged to obtain professional advice, carefully study the offer document(s), and any relevant key literature on the subject. Predictions about the cryptocurrency market are speculative, and any investment is done at the readers’ own expense and risk.

Tavishi Bhalla
Tavishi Bhalla
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