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Microsoft to bring improvements to default apps settings, App pinning in Windows: All Details

According to reports, Microsoft is developing long-awaited upgrades to improve the user experience on Windows PCs. Microsoft will begin releasing the new functionality in the upcoming months, starting with control over the default app settings and progressing to a new publicly accessible API and a new Settings deep link URI. The Windows Insider Dev Channel flight will be the first to make these new features accessible. With the new features, developers will have a standard, supported way to give users the option to make their app the default application or pin it to the taskbar.

Microsoft recently revealed on its blog that it is delivering much-anticipated capabilities to Windows 11 that will give users and developers more control over default programs. Users will be able to pick what gets pinned to their desktop, Start menu, and taskbar, according to the blog post. Microsoft will roll out a new deep link URI for settings that will take users to applications where they can modify the default settings.

Microsoft will also release a new publicly accessible API that will allow users to pin particular programs to the Taskbar’s primary or secondary tiles. In the upcoming months, a Windows Insider Dev Channel flight will be the first to offer all of these new features. Not only that, but Microsoft will also create a widely supported method for app developers to allow users to set their app as the default or pin their app to the taskbar. As a result, all apps will benefit from a seamless experience.

Meanwhile, Microsoft also introduced Microsoft 365 Copilot, an AI-powered improvement for the company’s productivity products, during its Microsoft 365 AI event. The new Copilot features will be powered by big language models, user data in Microsoft Graph, and the business’s applications. Additionally, it will provide users access to the AI-powered features in these applications, enabling them to swiftly create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, compose emails, schedule meetings, and surface pertinent content on Microsoft Teams.

Tavishi Bhalla
Tavishi Bhalla
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