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WhatsApp to Introduce Third-Party Messaging Support Ahead of EU Digital Markets Act

WhatsApp to Introduce Third-Party Messaging Support Ahead of EU Digital Markets Act

As WhatsApp prepares to roll out a new feature enabling support for third-party messages, users await with anticipation and curiosity over the implications and functionalities this update will bring. With a deadline looming before the European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) takes effect on March 6, Meta-owned WhatsApp aims to comply with the regulatory requirements while providing users with enhanced communication capabilities.

The latest insights into this upcoming feature, shared in a report by WABetaInfo, shed light on the mechanics and controls that users can expect. Referred to as “third-party chats,” this interoperability feature is designed specifically for regions within the EU, aligning with the DMA’s mandate to facilitate seamless communication across various messaging platforms.

Key among the reported details is the user-centric approach adopted by WhatsApp, allowing individuals to exercise significant control over the feature’s implementation. Users will have the autonomy to toggle the feature on or off, granting them the freedom to decide whether to engage in cross-platform messaging. Furthermore, users can select specific apps with which they wish to connect, ensuring a tailored and personalized experience.

The interface for managing third-party chats showcases a new page within the WhatsApp app, adorned with an icon depicting three circles arranged in a triangular formation, symbolizing connectivity across different messaging platforms. Options to “Turn off third-party chats” and “Select apps” provide users with granular control over their communication preferences, in accordance with the principles outlined in the DMA.

These granular controls not only empower users but also reflect WhatsApp’s commitment to privacy and data protection. By adhering to the DMA guidelines, which emphasize user sovereignty over data sharing and communication choices, WhatsApp seeks to strike a delicate balance between regulatory compliance and user satisfaction.

While the exact release date of the feature remains undisclosed, it is anticipated to debut exclusively within the EU region initially, aligning with the regulatory scope of the DMA. The selective rollout underscores WhatsApp’s strategic approach to compliance with regional regulations while ensuring a seamless user experience for European users.

Earlier glimpses into the feature’s interface revealed precautionary measures implemented by WhatsApp to educate users about the potential implications of enabling third-party chats. Warnings highlighting the absence of end-to-end encryption for cross-platform messages and the heightened risk of spam and scams serve as crucial reminders for users, emphasizing the importance of informed decision-making.

As WhatsApp navigates the complexities of regulatory compliance and user expectations, the introduction of third-party messaging support represents a significant milestone in the evolution of the platform. By embracing interoperability and empowering users with greater control, WhatsApp reaffirms its commitment to facilitating secure and seamless communication experiences in an increasingly interconnected digital landscape.


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