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Best Mac Studio Deals: Totaltech Savings, Free Apple Services at Best Buy

The Mac Studio is a novel small desktop that Apple introduced last year. The device, which is essentially a turbocharged Mac Mini, debuted in March 2022, and we have been monitoring Mac Studio offers ever since. The Mac Studio is equipped with powerful hardware that can easily manage even the most difficult tasks. The device comes in two variations: one with the M1 Max processor featured in the most expensive 2021 MacBook Pro models, and the other with the even more potent M1 Ultra chip.

As a result, Apple claims that this computer can “deliver an unprecedented level of performance, an extensive array of connectivity, and completely new capabilities in an unbelievably compact design that sits within arm’s reach on the desk.” Having a quick and powerful computer is essential for anyone who creates software or other digital content.

When Apple talked about strength, it meant it. The Mac Studio can be set up to have up to 128GB of RAM, an 8TB SSD, and a 64-core GPU. You’ll need to choose your configuration options when placing your purchase, just like with many other Apple desktops and laptops. The system-on-a-chip (processor), memory, storage, and choice to include preinstalled applications are all modifiable.

The Mac Studio, which retails for $1,999 and up, is currently simple to purchase and pick up in-store, and since its release, we’ve been looking for the best Mac Studio deals across a variety of stores. To help you save the most money, we’ve listed the top Mac Studio discounts that are currently available below. We’ll keep this list updated as new deals become available.

You can have a look at the best deal ever for Mac Studio


Best Buy is one of the only stores that gives direct discounts on the Mac Studio, but only to members of its $200-a-year Totaltech club. Members may get a $50 discount on the M1 Max-equipped model. In addition, Best Buy is offering four months of Apple Music, three months of Apple TV Plus, and three months of iCloud Plus to new and existing customers of these services who buy a Mac Studio. Totaltech members were originally granted a $200 discount on the M1 Ultra Mac Studio configuration, but it is currently sold out.


Apple is the obvious option if you want total customization without having to worry about particular settings being in or out of stock. There are two variations, one with the M1 Max processor and the other with the brand-new M1 Ultra processor. The price for the former begins at $1,999, but the price for the latter begins at $3,999. Apple will not provide a discount on the Mac Studio, but you may pay in monthly installments and get 3% cash back if you use your Apple Card.


B&H sells a number of different Mac Studio configurations, but there are no direct discounts right now. The business does, however, provide a clever option to save on sales tax with its B&H Payboo credit card—it refunds the tax as cash back. Depending on where you reside, this might amount to a considerable sum of money when purchasing a Mac Studio.

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Tavishi Bhalla
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