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Apple Testing Slim Camera Bump Design for Base Model iPhone 16

During the past few months, Apple has been exploring various camera bump designs for the standard iPhone 16 models. While we previously detailed three of Apple's prototype designs in December, the company has since redirected its attention once more.

Apple’s latest iPhone prototype has caught the attention of tech enthusiasts, featuring a distinctive vertical camera arrangement with a pill-shaped raised surface. Detailed mockups based on internal designs have been created to provide readers with a glimpse of the anticipated change.

The focal point of the prototype is the pill-shaped camera bump, housing two separate camera rings for the Wide and Ultrawide lenses. This design choice draws on earlier prototype iterations, showcasing Apple’s commitment to innovation while retaining some stylistic cues. Notably, the position of the flash and camera lenses remains unchanged with this latest update.

These findings are in line with leaked schematics recently shared by tech insider Majin Bu on the social media platform X, further solidifying the credibility of the updated design.

Apple’s experimentation with the latest camera look takes inspiration from past iPhone models, notably the iPhone X, which also featured a pill-shaped camera with a slim bump design. While the iPhone 12 maintained a vertical camera arrangement, it sported a wider square bump accommodating the flash and microphone.

The shift to a vertical camera layout in the new prototype hints at potential advancements in camera technology. Speculations suggest that Apple may introduce Spatial Video recording to the base model iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus models, a feature currently limited to the iPhone 15 Pro models and the Vision Pro headset.

Aside from the redesigned camera bump, recent iPhone 16 prototypes showcase subtle alterations to the Action Button and Capture Button, as previously reported. The latest units boast a smaller Action Button akin to the one on the iPhone 15 Pro, along with a pressure-sensitive Capture Button flush with the device’s frame. While the camera bump update primarily affects the device’s aesthetics, the modification to the Action Button signals a more significant shift in Apple’s design approach.

It’s essential to note that the information shared here is sourced from pre-production data and may not represent the final design of the mass-production units set for release later this year. Apple’s iterative development process often involves creating multiple designs and hardware configurations, with more concrete details expected as the devices progress toward the Engineering Validation Testing (EVT) phase.

As anticipation builds for the iPhone 16 range, enthusiasts eagerly await further insights into Apple’s latest innovations, shaping the future of smartphone technology.

Ella Thomas
Ella Thomas
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