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Malayalam director Siddique passes away

Siddique, the Malayalam director and analyst, died of a heart attack while being treated for various ailments at a private hospital in Cochin, hospital sources said on Tuesday.

They said you said you were seriously injured. Siddique, 63, suffered a heart attack on Monday while recovering from various ailments, including liver problems and pneumonia. The director, who has directed many Malayalam films, spent more than a month in a private hospital due to various ailments.

A hospital official told PTI: “She is critically ill and in need of ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation) support.”ECMO can provide respiratory support when a person’s lungs and heart are not working adequately.

Sıddık has appeared in many movies with his friend Lal and the duo is popularly known as “Sıdık-Lal”. Lal himself has acted in many movies such as “Thenkasipattanam”, “Thommanum Makkalum” and “Blood and Pepper”. Siddique-Lal’s movies like Ramji Rao Says, I

n Harihar Nagar, The King, Colonial Vietnam and Kaboliwala have been huge hits. Siddiq is also the director of blockbusters such as “Hitler”, “Friends”, “Chronic License” and “Character”.He also directed the remake of the hit Indian movie “Bodyguard” starring Salman Khan. In Tamil, the movie is called “Kavalan”, starring Vijay, and it did well at the box office.

Ishika Soni
Ishika Soni
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