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Universities in India may soon completely ban AI powered ChatGPT

ChatGPT, an AI-powered chatbot, is now generating waves throughout the world. Starting in India, some colleges in Bengaluru, including the prestigious RV University, have outright prohibited it.

ChatGPT was developed by Open AI, an artificial intelligence research centre financed by Elon Musk. However, as Musk himself stated, “Concerning,” the situation has reached an even higher pitch.Responding to a repost of ChatGPT’s response to a fictitious query using racist insults

Across the globe, organisations like the New York Department of Education, Seattle Public Schools, a prestigious French university, and Science Po University have followed the RV University’s lead and prohibited the usage of ChatGPT.

ChatGPT delays have been noted by certain netizens, who were alerted that owing to “heavy demand,” services were functioning at a slower rate.

Meanwhile, a student at the prestigious Uppsala University was found cheating using ChatGPT and its humane and equal responses.

Faculty at many institutions in India have discussed and complained about how students’ reliance on ChatGPT has grown. because it not only eliminates the necessity for paraphrasing but also the whole process of independent effort. As a result, providing a shortcut reduces students’ motivation to participate and demonstrate their learning and labour.

Many students from prestigious Indian colleges have also said that ChatGPT is a frequent subject of debate among their instructors in class. While some students have stated that their particular colleges are in the midst of considering the same procedures as a total ban, in addition to re-submission, such as the RV University policy on the AI chatbot.

When questioned, “Is it feasible that Indian institutions may prohibit ChatGPT?”, ChatGPT responded.

As a result, the ChatGPT-produced answer read:

“It is impossible to forecast whether or not Indian institutions will prohibit ChatGPT or any other AI language model, since it would depend on a variety of circumstances, such as the specific use case, ethical and legal issues, and the prevalent opinions on the merits and hazards of such technology.” However, there have been debates and discussions about the ethical implications of utilising AI language models in many applications, and some organisations have taken steps to control or prohibit their usage. Finally, it is up to Indian institutions to decide whether or not to prohibit ChatGPT or any other AI language model, based on their own particular conditions and concerns.

Aryan Jakhar
Aryan Jakhar
Aryan Jakhar is an Indian Journalist with over two years of active working experience. Aryan is currently working as editor-in-chief at BusinessHeadline.in and he is reachable on contact@businessheadline.in
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