Home Nation Crime ‘Sorry Didi, I Have To Go’: Student Jumps To Death

‘Sorry Didi, I Have To Go’: Student Jumps To Death

‘Sorry Didi, I Have To Go’: Student Jumps To Death

A 17-year-old student tragically ended her life on Friday by jumping from the college building in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. In a heartbreaking twist, messages sent to her sister before the incident reveal the teenager alleged sexual harassment at the college and threats that prevented her from seeking help.

Suicide Note Reveals Harrowing Ordeal

The girl’s final messages, considered a suicide note by police, detail her ordeal. “Sorry didi, I have to go,” she wrote to her sister, apologizing for her actions.

The messages paint a grim picture. The teenager, a student at a Visakhapatnam polytechnic college, reportedly faced sexual harassment on campus. Fearing repercussions, she felt trapped and unable to report the abuse.

Family Receives Disturbing Messages

The family’s nightmare began Thursday evening when the college informed them their daughter was missing. Frantic calls went unanswered until after midnight when the teen finally responded via text.

“Don’t get tense,” she wrote in Telugu. “Even if I tell you why I’m leaving, you won’t understand. Please forget about me.”

The message also expressed gratitude to her parents and congratulated her pregnant sister. “Focus on your future and study,” she advised her younger sister. “Don’t be influenced by others, unlike me.”

Harassment Silenced by Threats

In a poignant plea to her father, the teenager explained her silence: “They (the harassers) have taken photos and are threatening me. There are other girls as well. We can’t tell anyone or avoid college.”

Hope Crushed by Fear

Despite the family’s desperate pleas and assurances of police intervention, the messages abruptly stopped. Their worst fears were confirmed when the teenager’s body was later discovered.

College Denies Responsibility

The college principal vehemently denied any possibility of harassment. “Men cannot access the women’s hostel,” he claimed. “We observe all students. There are women wardens, so there is no chance of sexual harassment.”

Investigation Launched

Police have launched a full investigation, questioning faculty members and students. The family’s claims and the deceased’s messages will be central to the probe.


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