Jio Financial Serivces Debuts On Exchanges, Lists at Rs 262 Per Share


Jio Financial Services made its much-anticipated debut on the stock exchange today, with its shares listing at Rs. 262 per share. The listing price remained unchanged compared to the previously established discovered price.

According to circulars issued by the exchanges, the Jio Financial Services scrip will be part of the trade-for-trade segment for a span of 10 trading days. Notably, despite its listing on the stock exchange, Jio Financial Services will continue to maintain its presence in FTSE Indices and is also poised to be included in the MSCI Global Standard Index, effective August 23.

The announcement of this listing, which came from Reliance Industries on late Friday afternoon, bore a twofold impact. First, it prompted a swift recovery in the Reliance Industries stock, and second, it had a positive influence on the Nifty 50 index. The Nifty 50 index had been experiencing a downward trend over the past four weeks, raising hopes that the introduction of Jio Financial Services could potentially instigate a relief rally.

The listing of Jio Financial Services marks a momentous event, signifying a new chapter in the financial history of India. Remarkably, this listing represents the first new listing from Reliance Industries in 17 years. Industry expert Prakash Diwan highlights the broader implications of this event. He suggests that the listing will not only drive greater stock market participation but will also hold operational significance.

At the helm of this newly demerged entity’s top management are notable figures. KV Kamath assumes the role of Chairman, Hitesh Sethia serves as MD & CEO, Charanjit Attra, former SBO CFO, takes on the role of COO, and Abhishek Pathak acts as the CFO.

The debut of Jio Financial Services on the stock exchange carries a sense of historic importance, reflecting the evolving dynamics of India’s financial landscape and the substantial role that technology and innovation are playing in shaping its future.


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