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How to streamline your rental property

If you’re a landlord hoping to provide a great rental for your renters while still earning a good return on your investment, consider how you may upgrade your home without breaking the bank.

According to statistics, private renters will occupy 19% of UK homes in 2022, and the general view should be that landlords desire to offer the greatest accommodation available for their tenants. Showing pride in your property can instill pride in your renters, and being open to additional demands such as couples and pets may help to make your house more desirable. Here’s how to make your property more appealing.

Updating and upgrading furniture

Small improvements may get things started in the right direction. A fresh coat of paint or the addition of RS door catches may do wonders. Keeping up with this will keep things looking nice over time, especially if your tenants have children or dogs. Be sure to replace any outdated or ineffective furnishings so that renters may continue to live comfortably and productively.

Go green for tenants

Many individuals in the UK are concerned about sustainability, and renters, in particular, must rely on their landlord to contribute to more sustainable living patterns (and simultaneously reduce energy bills). Make sure the house is well-insulated, and think about putting low-energy gadgets like light bulbs or eco-friendly white goods in the kitchen. You will also assist to increase your energy efficiency rating in line with impending Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) criteria by implementing these improvements.

Add a room or space

You’ll get a higher return on your rental if you make the most of the space you have. Is it possible to convert the loft into another bedroom? Is there enough place for additional bathroom? Perhaps a study area for renters who work from home? Anticipating your renters’ needs can assist to develop a more harmonious connection by demonstrating that you’ve thought about their needs for living comfortably and optimising the place they’re set to live in.

Think outdoors

As summer arrives, residents will be looking for ways to spend time outside. Evaluate whether you can provide them with a suitable outdoor space. If the area is limited, adding potted plants or a chair or two may have a significant impact. Having enough outdoor space is especially crucial for families, allowing them to spend more time outside without feeling cooped up inside. A lovely garden or outdoor space is extremely alluring to prospective renters and might justify asking for extra, so make the most of it.

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