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Startup tells new hires they need to know ChatGPT for a job

A Japanese finance company is requiring new hires to utilize the technology and even testing them on it as firms wrestle with how artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT may change working practices. Tokyo-based LayerX Corp., which is breaking the trend, recently posted a job ad for fresh graduates requiring prospects to be evaluated on their usage of the chatbot produced by OpenAI Inc. and another named Notion AI, despite rising concerns about its potential to eliminate employment and data protection.

The new company is sure that it is on the right side of the growing technological divide because it wants business transactions to be done online.Many Wall Street firms have put limits on how it can be used, and schools in places like New York City have made it illegal.Large Japanese corporations have done likewise, with Softbank Group Corp. and banks including Mizuho Financial Group Inc. and Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc. cracking down in recent months.

“We acknowledge that ChatGPT is not flawless,” According to Takaya Ishiguro, LayerX’s chief human resources officer, in a recent interview, “On the other hand, avoiding using new technology altogether can be dangerous.”

Throughout their admission examinations, recruits are required to provide instructions to ChatGPT. Assessors focus more on how well they start the process than on the responses themselves. Applicants are also requested to undertake research to discover the limitations of the technology. While using the technology is not expected to have an “immediate impact” on profits, LayerX, which recently secured 5.5 billion yen ($41 million) in Series A funding from MUFG’s venture capital arm and Mitsui & Co., expects to hire about 20 new employees annually who will increase productivity “rapidly.”

Assessing the correctness of ChatGPT’s output will be one of the tasks required of the recruits, according to Ishiguro. Businesses debating its adoption should think twice because the chatbot can confidently respond with incorrect information.
“It’s crucial to adopt new technologies as soon as possible, “Ishiguro noted, noting that even if they don’t always understand new technology, it wants its staff to recognize and adapt to it, like ChatGPT. If they haven’t yet, the contenders, in my opinion, are lagging behind the current trend.”

Tavishi Bhalla
Tavishi Bhalla
Tavishi bhalla is a student of bachelor's of science in Institute of Home Economic. She has strong communication and content writing skills. Tavishi is currently working as a journalist at BusinessHeadline.in and can be contacted tavishi@businessheadline.in.
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