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‘No ChatGPT at JPMorgan’: Here’s why finance giant has gone against the tide

ChatGPT, an AI-powered chatbot, keeps users engaged by responding to all questions and even assisting them in creating research subjects and emails. However, other businesses, including Amazon and Verizon Communications, are restricting the use of chatbots created by OpenAI.

JPMorgan Chase is the most recent example of such a business. According to a story in CBS News, the company has prohibited its employees from using ChatGPT in accordance with its rules regarding the use of third-party software. The financial services company declined to comment on its rules about employees using ChatGPT for work.

Earlier, a school in New York City forbade the use of an AI-based writing tool that could produce paragraphs of text that resembled human speech.

The largest US school district’s decision to block access to the ChatGPT website on school computers and networks may have repercussions on other campuses, sending teachers rushing to come up with effective anti-cheating strategies. The ChatGPT developers stated that they are also exploring on methods to spot abuse.

Following a flurry of complaints about inappropriate interactions and mistakes in its results, OpenAI, the artificial intelligence research group that developed the chatbot, stated that it is striving to minimise biases in the system and will let users adjust its behaviour.

The San Francisco-based startup OpenAI, which has a close partnership with Microsoft, built a larger collection of technologies that includes ChatGPT, which was released on November 30.

It belongs to a new breed of artificial intelligence (AI) systems that, using knowledge gleaned from a sizable database of digital books, online writings, and other media, can interact, write readable text on demand, and even create original images and videos. The interaction between the AI system and the person asking it questions resembles a textual discussion.

Anyone with an internet connection can utilise the more streamlined ChatGPT programme, which is free to use. OpenAI, though, announced earlier this month that it also intended to introduce a premium version.

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