Meesho’s Mega Marketing Strategies: Check Out Some Of The Unique Advertisement Campaigns Carried Out By Ecommerce


In a dynamic blend of innovation and inclusivity, the abbreviation “Meesho” echoes a transformative journey from its origins as ‘Meri Shop’, marking its inception on August 13, 2015. Co-founded by visionary minds Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal, Meesho has rapidly blossomed into a cornerstone of accessible luxury, offering a diverse array of lifestyle products at wholesale prices.

With an extensive repertoire of over 40-50 lakh superior-quality items spanning various categories, Meesho has established itself as a haven for discerning shoppers seeking unparalleled options. The platform’s intrinsic appeal rests upon the freedom it grants users to meticulously curate their purchases according to personal preferences.

The meteoric rise of Meesho has seen it evolve into a multimillion-dollar enterprise within a mere span of years. While Meesho shares the realm of commerce with illustrious counterparts such as Amazon and Flipkart, its distinctive identity lies in its local-sourcing approach. This localized ethos has not only invigorated small-scale businesses but has also fostered a resilient revenue stream for individuals within the network.

Nonetheless, this commendable endeavor has not been without its challenges. The emphasis on local sourcing has inadvertently opened doors for unscrupulous elements, casting occasional shadows on the credibility of transactions. This complex dichotomy underscores the multifaceted nature of Meesho’s impact on the market.

The very essence of Meesho’s branding strategy is a symphony of the classic marketing mix’s four pillars: Price, Product, Promotion, and Place. Of particular note is the company’s astute recognition of its predominantly female user base, catalyzing a dynamic communication approach centered around the theme of Women Empowerment. Meesho’s mission transcends commerce, striving to endow women with financial independence, while fortifying its brand ethos.

In the realm of influencer collaborations, Meesho has deftly harnessed the power of social media luminaries to bolster its presence. Collaborations with prominent figures such as Devoleena Bhattacharjee and Paras Bhushan Kalnawat have significantly augmented the brand’s outreach. By ingeniously weaving discounts and offers into popular meme trends, Meesho has artfully engendered an engaging and impactful marketing strategy.

While the e-commerce landscape in India has long been dominated by industry titans, Meesho’s emergence has heralded a paradigm shift. Distinctly attuned to the nuanced needs and financial dynamics of the Indian populace, Meesho stands as a disruptor, offering an alternative that resonates profoundly. Central to this narrative are signature campaigns like ‘Sahi sahi lagao na’ and ‘Meesho pe sab Kuch’, eloquently articulating the value proposition of hassle-free, budget-conscious shopping.

In the ever-evolving tapestry of e-commerce, Meesho’s meteoric rise is an ode to its innovative spirit and a testament to its dedication to catalyzing positive change. As Meesho continues to tread the path of empowerment, it beckons shoppers to explore the boundless possibilities it unfurls, transforming not just the way we shop, but the very essence of our aspirations.


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