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Elon Musk’s Twitter to charge users for securing account via text message

Twitter has officially stated that it would begin charging its customers for using text messages to login and secure their accounts as a two-factor authentication (2FA) method.

2FA adds an extra degree of protection to Twitter accounts by requiring users to input a code or use a security key in addition to their password. This extra step ensures that you and only you have access to your account.

However, after March 20, “only Twitter Blue subscribers will be able to use text messages as their two-factor authentication method,” the company tweeted.

Twitter has also published a blog post announcing the changes to the 2FA login technique.

“While historically a popular form of 2FA, unfortunately we have seen phone-number based 2FA be used – and abused – by bad actors,” it says in the blog.

“So starting today, we will no longer allow accounts to enroll in the text message/SMS method of 2FA unless they are Twitter Blue subscribers. The availability of text message 2FA for Twitter Blue may vary by country and carrier,” the blog post mentioned.

“After 20 March 2023, we will no longer permit non-Twitter Blue subscribers to use text messages as a 2FA method,” the company said in the blog post.

The microblogging network is offering non-Twitter Blue members who have already enrolled in 2FA 30 days to disable it and enrol in another. Disabling text message 2FA, on the other hand, will not instantly disconnect your phone number from your Twitter account.

“We encourage non-Twitter Blue subscribers to consider using an authentication app or security key method instead. These methods require you to have physical possession of the authentication method and are a great way to ensure your account is secure,” the blog post stated.

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