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truData’s Global expansion in 2023 includes a further $5M investment in Costa Rica nearshore operations, and subsidiaries in Canada, and United Kingdom

SAN DIEGO, April 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — truData Solutions is a cloud engineering firm focused on delivery excellence enabled through a multishore engagement model.

In 2023, truData will invest USD$5M in its nearshore capability in San Jose, Costa Rica.

“With an uncertain US economy and a volatile job market in India, rising salaries, and not to mention time zone challenges, this is a prime opportunity for further growth and scaling of truData’s nearshore capability in Costa Rica,” said Nevvar Hickmet, CEO of truData. “Our customers continue to drive significant investment from offshore to nearshore support, enabling a lower cost of ownership of cloud applications and platforms. With the added advantage of 9-5 coverage, this allows for companies to continue their investment in Digital Transformation, without sacrificing quality.”

“truData’s Costa Rican operation is our nearshore support hub, for Central and South America, boasting capabilities across cloud platforms and applications that include Azure, AWS, GCP, Salesforce, SAP and Tableau,” continued Nevvar Hickmet. “Costa Rica’s accessibility to the US, combined with its stable economic and socioeconomic environment, recent entry into the OECD, and its global leadership in environmental policies, makes further expansion in Costa Rica the right move for our clients and prospects, not to mention adding jobs to the region and helping to strengthen the local economy.”

Also, this year truData has established new Service Centers in the UK and Canada to support global clients and has plans to expand into Singapore and Poland over the next twelve to eighteen months.

“We are looking forward to expanding the truData culture and mission across these new geographies and the opportunity to promote our customer-first, employee-centric mantra internationally.”

About truData LLC.
Headquartered in San Diego, CA truData is a technology services provider and a data-oriented company specializing in data and analytics, and integration offerings delivered through cloud solutions. We partner with clients in their Digital Transformation journey, ensuring improved consumer insight, reduced complexity whilst increasing revenues, and streamlined processes.

With Support Centers in Costa Rica and India, truData’s multi-shore model enables our clients to outsource specific work products or functions at a greatly improved price point without sacrificing quality.

Shyanne Yang
Executive Office Administrator

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