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GreaterHeat’s Accelerator-Asia Paves the Way for Decentralized Enterprise Storage on Filecoin at Hong Kong Web3 Festival 2023

Singapore, April 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — GreaterHeat, a Singapore-based Web3 infrastructure provider, announced the launch of the Decentralized Storage Providers Accelerator-Asia (DSPA-Asia) at the highly anticipated Hong Kong Web3 Festival 2023. 

DSPA-Asia is a business incubator designed to empower Asia Web3 storage businesses to learn, grow, and thrive. The Asia Filecoin Bootcamp, a critical component of the initiative, is a 6-month training program that offers storage providers with professional support and services, helping them solve problems, expand their data business, and scale their Filecoin data storage. With the company’s support, Asian storage providers can successfully complete their transformation and establish sustainable, profitable businesses.

GreaterHeat’s Chairman and CEO, David Li, has announced that the company’s top priority for 2023 is to provide Web3 decentralized cloud storage solutions to businesses and individuals. Since 2022, GreaterHeat has successfully delivered decentralized Web3 cloud storage solutions to US, Canadian, and European companies using Filecoin, the world’s largest decentralized storage network. The 760 PiB of data hosted on the Filecoin network includes 26M active data transactions and organizations including UC Berkeley, The USC Shoah Foundation, University of Utah, and many more. More than 1,500 unique clients & users have already uploaded their data to the Filecoin network, with 15% uploading more than 100 TiB.

“This initiative between GreaterHeat and Filecoin Protocol Labs will drive the evolution of the Web3 ecosystem and further enhance cloud storage solutions for Web3-based enterprises,” said David Li, Chairman and CEO of GreaterHeat. “With Web3 decentralised blockchain-based storage, users have full ownership and control over their private data, unlike the Web2 world whereby service providers control and own the data that you upload online. Web3 is the future of the WWW,” he said.

“We are thrilled to partner with GreaterHeat on this critical initiative to accelerate storage providers, onboard more data and showcase the utility of the network,” said Stefaan Vervaet, Head of Network Growth at Protocol Labs, the organization behind the decentralized storage network Filecoin. “As a key ecosystem provider, GreaterHeat has demonstrated its commitment to advancing the Web3 ecosystem and we look forward to working together to promote the benefits of decentralized storage solutions and foster the growth of the industry.”

GreaterHeat plays a pivotal role in the decentralized Web3 ecosystem, where data storage, transactions, and interactions occur on networks without the control of a single entity. This allows for democratic groups of developers, creators, and users to provide online services, such as e-commerce, social media, and gaming. As the web undergoes rapid changes, GreaterHeat is committed to being a major player in this ongoing revolution and drives the adoption of decentralized storage solutions.

As part of the announcement, GreaterHeat also hosted an After-party on April 15 at MIDTOWN in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. The event is sponsored by Huawei Cloud and UWEB.

David Li, Chairman and CEO, GreaterHeat

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