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Freename Empowers NFT Projects to Battle for Glory in the Intraverse NFT World Cup 2023!

Zurich, Switzerland, April 18, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Intraverse, the collaborative Open Metaverse for NFT projects to engage communities through NFTs avatarization and 3D games competitions, is excited to announce the NFT World Cup 2023. This Street Fighter-style game will feature 16 NFT communities competing using avatars representing their collections. The winner of each round will receive a floor price sweep, and the ultimate champion will be swept in a floor price of 3.4 ETH. All the swept NFTs will then be given away to the best players in the winning communities.

Intraverse is an inclusive universe that seeks to unite all species, NFT projects, and create a better future for all. From the smallest microbe to the most advanced civilization, every being is welcome in this diverse and vibrant community. To promote this sense of unity, the Intraverse Galaxy Pass was created.

To maximize community scores during the NFT World Cup 2023, holding an Intraverse Galaxy Pass provides a point multiplier and early access to gameplay of 3 hours. This is an incredible opportunity for competitive players and NFT enthusiasts to score more and get faster to victory! 

As one of the main sponsors of the NFT World Cup 2023, Freename is excited to support the Web3 market during the event. The NFT World Cup 2023 will feature some of the most exciting NFT projects in the market. These projects will fight against each other by engaging their communities in the Intraverse gameplay.

To represent each project in the gameplay, players will be able to choose an avatar, literally brought to life by Intraverse through the avatarization in 3D of a PFP. Everyone is thrilled to see the winner of the NFT World Cup 2023 among the very competitive participating projects: Fancy Bears, Rugdollz, SMATh, Kongclub, Life’s a Joke, Kong Club, Baby Ghosts, Blockchain Bandicoots, Proud Lions Club, Starwolvez, Mightly Llama, Champions, TAS 2.0.

Intraverse Galaxy Pass holders will also have access to additional utilities such as a lifetime events points multiplier, early access pass to Ingame, free unbox of Intraverse mystery boxes, NFT avatarization, wearables airdrop, merch drop, and many more perks to be announced.

The Intraverse Galaxy Pass will be available for minting on April 21, 2023, with a supply of 555. Stay tuned for the announcement of the mint price.

Join the Intraverse community and prepare to compete in the NFT World Cup 2023. Follow Intraverse on Twitter and join the Discord community.

You want to add more about Intraverse experience?

But what differentiate Intraverse from other Metaverse experiences:

“Intraverse provides a unique and revolutionary experience compared to other metaverse platforms. In traditional metaverses, you are limited in your visibility of other communities due to a siloed gameplay centered around your project. You are also left to play on your own without leveraging the competition with other NFT projects, and are burdened with significant investments in land, development costs, maintenance, and upgrades. However, with Intraverse, you can boost your NFT project’s exposure across multiple communities by joining the competition. You can leverage the competition’s buzz to gain a competitive edge and increase engagement, while also uniting your community with others. Additionally, Intraverse eliminates development costs, including the avatarization of your Collection. In short, if an NFT project is a movie like Ironman, Intraverse is the Avengers End Game, uniting all super heroes that we consider our NFT project partners.”

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